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6_Think about a perfect life...

Ni som vandrar genom livet
mot ett ständigt fjärran mål,
stanna upp ett tag och grubbla...

(You that are walking through life, after ever
distant goals. Stop for awhile and brood...)

I'm back!
Above is the beginning of the best TV ad ever, a
video by Povel Ramel - a Swedish song writer. (see www.vattenfall.se/ramel).

Sometimes I feel I AM chasing ever distant goals.
Health, girlfriend, wife, kids etc. Who knows?

I have received many mails wanting a new weekletter
(or monthletter or whatever). Well, my ambition is to make each one
better than the previous but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. How
do I improve on weekletter 5? PLEASE SUGGEST TOPICS FOR ME TO WRITE

Meanwhile, I leave you with this story I found on the web. Please mail me
at [email protected] My bigfoot adress is no longer with us. It has
ceaced to exist. It is dead.

A Perfect Life
A poor scholar was sitting alone at the corner table of an inn. He had stopped there
while on his way home after having failed an examination. The scholar knew he would
now never have a prestigious official job or marry the girl of his dream. So there he
sat, reflecting on his misfortune.

A holy man at an adjacent table, hearing the scholar's sighs, felt pity for him and gave
him a pillow to rest on. The scholar laid his head on the pillow and, as he fell asleep,
he noticed an old lady cooking rice.
As soon as the scholar closed his eyes he dreamed he had passed the examination
with high grades. He saw himself becoming a high government official and marrying a
beautiful woman. As time went by he had many children, all as healthy and intelligent
as himself. At work he was a good official, respected by all his subordinates.
At home he was an excellent husband and father and loved by his family. By the time he
retired he had money, fame and posterity. After retirement, he took up poetry and
painting, two things he had always wanted to pursue.
Then he envisioned himself one day suddenly dying of old age.
It was then that the poor scholar woke up from his dream.

When he looked up he was surprised to find the old lady still cooking her rice.

Since life, even a perfect one, is still as short as cooking some rice, why should
we waste time in wishing for a perfect life?

Fortune comes and goes; so does love. But as life comes, it goes, and is gone.
You have already spent much time in pursuing money and love. Isn't it time to
pay more attention to the joys of life? Smile when you see the morning sun,
smell the scent of the honeysuckle in the summertime, and show a little kindness
towards a squirrel in the woods.


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