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Wed, 19 Jan 2000


I'm back! IF you like this letter, I ask you to please consider doing five (5) urgent favors for me. The first is to forward this mail to everyone you know NOW! I will mention the other four at the very end.
Please read the entire letter first, otherwise things will be spoiled.

As some of you know, I broke a leg really bad over a year a go. It healed fine, but at a wrong angle (30 degrees out). I've been waiting for a time to break it up and fix it. This time might be in February.
During the latter part of this time of waiting, I've taken leave of absence from my job as management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. I've exercised a lot (qigong (see www.mediqiakademien.se), physical therapy, stair machine (an "Ellipse 9" from Nordic Track which resides in my living room) and weights (a "Total Gym 1000" which resides in my kitchen)), studied for and old make up exam (I don't need it since I already have my degree, but it's always nice to finish what you start) and participated in an Internet project with some extremely skilled friends. They have programmed Lazybee.com - Earth's Free Home Market. I have helped out with the business aspect whenever I've had the time.

Enough about me, let's move on to the topic of this letter: Energy and how to get it. I certainly could use more to improve my health and increase the speed of the Lazybee ride I'm focusing on.

Energy. Think about it. Have you noticed how often this word is used?
Someone who met Bill Gates for the first time said "he's just like the
rest of us but with 10 times the energy".
Turn on the radio and listen to Europe's most popular radio station
named NRJ. When the commercials come on, chances are there will be a
headhunter wanting someone with lots of energy.
Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular.
At a seminar for investors I listened to Fred Hassan, CEO of Pharmacia &
Upjohn, who talked about the importance of employees having "energized
Fabric softener energy energizes your clothes....
Pay attention to how often and in how many different situations the word
energy is used. You'll be surprised.
This letter is about different ways to get more energy. I will - as
usual - elaborate upon both the western just-do-it and eastern ways.

But first, let's discuss the Eastern View on "Changing Your Mind " -
which I promised in letter 7.

Dr. Deepak Chopra says that we shouldn't try to change anything. If we
do try to change things, he claims we'll end up with ulcers and other
health problems. He says, however, that we should try to become aware.
We should observe our thoughts, behaviors and actions and become aware
of them. Once we become aware, things will change automatically.

One of the reasons to meditate is to become more aware (of your
thoughts). By becoming more aware of yourself, your awareness of
everything else increases. This is because being more aware of - and
thus in control of - your thoughts, you can focus and concentrate better
on others. Knowing yourself better also enables you to understand others
Another reason to meditate is to increase your energy level, which leads
us to the subject of this letter - Energy.

I would say the western (as represented by Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey,
Viktor Frankl etc, NOT Freud and co.) and eastern view of changing is
very similar. The major difference is semantics - terminology and
language. Boddhisattva or Buddha or an enlightened being all means
"awakened being". Note that the title of one of Tony Robbins books is
"Awaken the Giant Within"! "Know who you are, know what you want, know
how to get it" - Tony's philosophy - is, I think, nothing but a
systematic way of becoming aware and thus awakening. It's the same thing
as being a Buddha! (As you all know, Buddha is not a God, but a normal
human being that is awakened, who have reached contact with God. God can
be described as the Giant within.). It doesn't matter if you "just do
it" or "become aware". The result is the same: change.

The most common view in the west tend to be that one must be able to
measure it - otherwise it doesn't exist. Einstein proved mathematically
that E=mC2; that everything is energy. Energy can be measured in
calories kcal (or something) when we talk about food. Eat so many
calories, produce so much work. It's all about efficiency. One catch:
love can't be measured, but most can feel it. Solution: redefine love to
be an act (i.e. be loving towards each other). Then it can be measured!
Covey even talks about the emotional bank account, if you do enough
loving acts (deposits), you'll build a positive account with that person
and - presto! - the relationship will be good. Easterners say that love
is a state of being, when you have that everyone around you

Easterners allow many types of energy; all having yin and yang
(opposite) aspects. Any energy have opposite sides (compare with western
matter and anti-matter ). Sexual energy has male and female, temperature
has hot and cold etc. The fundamental difference between east and west
regarding energy lies in QI, life energy. West does not accept qi, it
can't be measured thus it doesn't exist. East believes STRONGLY in qi.
By doing qi-gong (read more at www.mediqiakademien.se) you can increase
your health by taking in more qi. In kung-fu you use qi to hurt your
opponent and also as a shield to defend yourself. (That explains why
Asians take Hong Kong martial arts movies seriously.) In qi-aikido you
drain the opponents qi
by transferring it to yourself. In tai chi you move with qi. The body
has an acupuncture system with meridians (channels) where qi moves.
Illness is caused when meridians are blocked. Thus, my walking problem
is supposed to be caused by blockages in some meridians, thus hindering
qi from running smoothly. There is an absolute connection between mind
and body. Thus, peace of mind heals the body and vice versa.

Whether you believe in qi or not, consider common expressions such as
"I'm full of energy", "I feel as if all my energy has been sucked out",
"She's very energetic". Or let's make a thought experiment: One day when
you've slept extremely well for 10 hours and feel "full of energy", you
go to the doctor. She takes all possible blood tests and other tests.
The results are perfect! Next week, when you feel totally out of energy,
when you haven't slept for days, you have the same tests taken. The
results are - I argue - identical! How can this be? What's the
difference? Could it be qi? Could it be that qi is restored when we
sleep? Can we increase qi in other ways?

In a TV program I taped (called "3 wise men"), Ravi Shankar (spelling
?), Deepak Chopra and Dalai Lama participates. It deals with a lot of
interesting spiritual and mental topics. Ravi starts out by talking
about stress and energy: "the only culprit in the world is stress.
Stress comes from lack of energy". He then mentions four sources of
energy; food, sleep, breath and state of mind. I will discuss these four
sources from both a western 'just-do-it' and an eastern perspective.

We Swedes are always disgusted when some Norwegian athlete beat us again
in some sport. Especially disgusting are all the Norwegian flags being
waved everywhere. Maybe they win because they have more energy? The
explanation might be found in a difference in food habits between Norway
and Sweden. We Swedes like a steady lunch (and drink a lot of coffee
afterwards to appear to be working after it), whilst in Norway they
mostly eat a simple sandwich for lunch. Another explanation might be
that most cars in Norway, because of galactically stupid tax
regulations, lack a rear seat. Since only two persons can ride in each
car, the rest of the passengers have to run after the car. Cars will be
discussed in a future letter. Let's get back to energy and food.

Food is naturally a source of energy. But digestion of the food also
requires energy. There are many schools and opinions about what and how
to eat. We will examine 6 of these. In doing this we will focus on the
goal of maximizing our energy.

a) Traditional western
The focus is to 100% on weight, 0% on energy. The more you eat the more
you gain weight. Eat more to gain weight. Eat less to loose weight.
Everyone's stomach works the same way. Whatever you put in is converted
to energy etc. You can combine all sorts of food, the key is to maximize
the energy and nutrients in the food. Personally, I become extremely
tired after eating a big steak dinner with gravy and potatoes. This
lasts for several hours. Sometimes I think it takes more energy than it
gives to eat this way.

b) Glucose
This school is represented by a book that was extremely popular in the
80s. The author became very wealthy on it, so it probably did a lot of
good to many, who recommended friends to buy the book. Focus is on the
glucose level. Avoid sugar at all costs. Drink water, wine or tea. Eat
most food, but remember to avoid sugar-rich foods. You can even drink
champagne and eat a special sort of dark chocolate, which, by the way,
is produced by the author of the book. (I also think he produces his own

c) Chinese
The Chinese food we get in western Chinese restaurants is very different
from most food served in China. The fried food is served in one part of
China. A good way to find a decent Chinese restaurant in the west is to
see if any of the customers are Chinese. If so, it's probably OK.
Chinese focus on the amount of nutrients absorbed by the stomach.
Vegetables are better absorbed if boiled. So even if they agree that
nutrients are lost in boiling a carrot, they think we absorb more of the
carrot if it is boiled. Chinese also avoid sugar. Rice is (surprise!)
the natural part of any meal, and combined freely with other food
including meat. The diet I received during my month in China consisted
of many vegetables, tofu, tea, some low-fat meat, some fruit.

d) Vegetarian
Do you know what Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da
Vinci, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Henry David Thoreau, George Bernard Shaw,
Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma
Gandhi have in common? They were all vegetarians. (OK, some say Hitler
was a vegetarian, so he might be the exception to the rule…)
There are many types of people claiming to be vegetarians, ranging from
militant vegans, to those who eat fish and chicken but avoid red meat.
There are those who avoid all dairy products. One common reason for
being vegetarian is the argument that we shouldn't kill. Or, that it's
wrong to eat something you wouldn't be able to kill, or haven't killed,
yourself. Native Americans have a tradition of thanking the spirit of
the animal they've killed for providing the food, thinking that when
they die themselves, they will provide nutrients for some vegetable or
fruit the animal's spirit might eat the next time around (in the next
reincarnation). Another common reason put forth is the health argument,
that it's supposedly more healthy to be a vegetarian. Another is the
fact that you get more energy eating vegetarian, that it requires less
energy to digest than a traditional western meal.

e) Stone age - evolutionary medicine theory
Our genes aren't adjusted to modern food. We should eat like we did in
the stone ages. Combine today's ways of battling diseases with eating
like with did over 10.000 years ago, and we should be able to live until
we are 100. Eat this way, and today's common age related health problems
are avoided. "Proof": they've studied people that eat this way, and
found no occurrence of these type of age-related diseases. The reason
the evolutionary process doesn't kill off the "wrong eaters" is that
when they're in their 50s (which is when diseases related to eating the
wrong foods appear), their offspring survive on their own. Don't eat
processed food such as bread, milk, butter, cheese (or any other dairy
products), pasta, noodles (made from grain), any products made from
grain (bleached flour (with gluten) is especially bad), sugar, salt or
fat. Eat unprocessed food. Examples: fruit, vegetables (steamed are OK),
eggs, nuts (hazel and walnuts are good), fish, wild game (meat with very
little fat).

f) Proper combination of food & water-rich foods
"Take care of your stomach for the first fifty years, and it will take
care of you for the next fifty" Dr Steven Smith

Some foods should not be eaten with others. Focus more on how you eat it
than what you eat, but eat as much water-rich foods as possible. Focus
on you what you eat at the same time. It's a chemical theory of how
digestion occurs in our body, with different digestive fluids. Example:
digestion of proteins (meat, fish, chicken, dairy, nuts, seeds etc)
require an acid digestive medium, whereas starchy carbohydrates (pasta,
potatoes, rice, bread etc) require an alkaline digestive medium. It is a
law of chemistry that two contrary mediums (acid and alkali) cannot work
at the same time. They neutralize each other. Mix it all up and it
drains you of energy. Eat only one condensed (any food that's not rich
in water) food per meal. Anthony Robbins is a big fan of eating this way
(Including eating only fruit for breakfast and everything else of what's
said in the "Fit For Life" book). Most famous for the theory of proper
combination of foods is Dr. Herbert Shelton.

Not much difference here. Everyone probably agrees that to sleep is an
important activity for everyone. 8 hours sleep of good quality seems to
be the agreed upon ideal in the west. (Although one of the worlds most
successful inventors, Mr. NakaMats from Japan, claims that 6 hours is
the best to optimize your thinking.) The only difference is that
advanced meditators (eastern activity) claim they need only 3 hours,
due to the fact that meditation is so much more effective in - amongst
other things - doing whatever happens when you sleep.
But what happens when you sleep? You're filled with energy
automatically, the eastern gurus say. I don't know what the western
explanation is as to what happens when you sleep.

"If mind is the kite, the breath is the thread. The longer the thread
the higher it flies!" Ravi Shankar

Eastern wisdom focuses a lot on the way we breathe. It's not about the
quality of the air, but how we breathe it. It is believed that 90% of
the impurities go out through the breath. Breathing properly for a few
minutes every day can cure you from many mental and physical diseases,
they believe. Breath is also a powerful tool to affect your mind and
it's thoughts. If you want to stop thinking about something, or free
yourself of some negative emotion, proper breathing is the solution.
Breath is also a vital part in most meditational techniques, both still
and with movement (such as Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi etc). Proper breathing,
if only for a few minutes, gives you a lot of energy.

Westerners also believe in the importance of breathing, although not so
much as a way of controlling your mind, thoughts and emotions. The Roman
recommended starting each day with 12 deep breaths. Tony Robins
recommends changing the way we breathe, combined with daily aerobic
excercise such as trampolining, swimming or running. (Aerobic means "to
exercise with air").

So, HOW should we breathe? Basically, with long breaths deep down in the
stomach, both traditions agree.


"One hour of negative thinking makes you so exhausted" Ravi Shankar

Your energy level affects your state of mind and vice versa. Meditation
is the most powerful way to retain a serene state of mind, thus
preventing energy loss and also boosting your energy level. However, the
Eastern view is opposed to the quick fix positive mental attitude
techniques (which basically wants you to snap out of it). The Eastern
view thinks it's important to examine and become aware of ALL your
feelings and, emotions, not suppress anything. Suppression leads to
imbalance and diseases, they believe. Once you honestly totally admit to
and fully experience a negative emotion or thought, it is believed to go
away. But by doing some meditation every morning and evening, less and
less negative feelings and thoughts arise. (Is this a way of
suppression? Is this reasoning not 100% logical? So what, it's my letter
and I'm free to write whatever I want to. Nobody is forcing you to read
it…) So awareness is a complementary technique to proper breathing in

One way to be more energetic is to sleep 8 hours every night, eat mostly
unprocessed food combined in the proper way, breathe deeply and slowly
throughout the day, meditate before breakfast and before going to bed,
and become increasingly aware of ALL your thoughts, emotions and

Other tools to affect your energy (increase or reduce it depending on
how you use the tool) are nature, music, TV, sex (too much sex is
believed to drain you of energy, according to Eastern wisdom, and men
are believed to be more drained than women. Too little sex is not good
either, it is believed to make the energy stagnant or stale), people and
relationships (different people have different effects on your energy).

Another powerful way to get energy is to have a compelling Vision and
Mission that you are obsessed with. I'm beginning to notice this in my
obsession with making our company Simplify AB and our service
Lazybee.com (lets the customer "bee a lazy-bee") a global hit. It's
about helping people to simplify their lives; giving them more time and
energy to fulfill the dreams in their hearts. Like I said in a previous
letter, I think the core message of many books about Buddhism I've read
is that you should simplify your life. This is the Mission for Simplify
AB - "to Simplify the Lives of all Stakeholders"! (Stakeholder =
"intressent" in Swedish).

If you want to joke about it, I quote the heroes in my favorite movie
"Blues brothers" (the original, NOT the ridiculous sequel): "We're on a
mission from God" :-)

I don't have good health (although I haven't had a cold, headache or
fever in years, I'm still handicapped with poor balance; making me
unable to walk without a stroller or crutches) or as much energy as I
would like to have, so I'm not the one to model. Thus, I'm not going to
try to tell you what to do. You have to experiment on your own. Try some
of it, and see what happens. Personally, I think I might be worse off if
I didn't do the things I do (qigong and fruit-only for breakfast). Call
me naive if you will. I believe that, when I'm able to implement - on a
daily basis - the lessons taught in this letter, I will transcend, and
thus, be free of my handicap. And move on to learn new lessons.

Until my next letter - I leave you with an Irish blessing:

"May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May
the sun shine warm on your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields,
and, until we meet again… May God hold you softly in the palm of His

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Bee a lazy-bee!

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Remark: The west has a tradition similar to what I refer to as being
Eastern wisdom: Homeopathy. When I refer to the west I mean the modern
"just-do-it" society, (that I enjoy especially much in front of a
computer (especially a PC, probably due to my initials…) or when driving
my car).

This whole letter is copyright Peter Cederholm, and might be part of a
coming book.
Simplify, Lazybee.com, all the punch lines, Mission statements etc are
Trade Marks of Simplify AB.

* Irish blessing , copyright 1967 Bollind, Inc., Boulder CO 80302


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